Sales Support


  • Sales to all types of Advertisers
  • Full circulation area coverage
  • Multiple sales methods
  • Professional sales materials
  • Signed Ad authorizations
  • Manifest Billing for accuracy
  • Proven process matched to your operation

Professional sales services you can trust

Our sales team has helped hundreds of newspapers over the years to generate revenue with business sponsorship of their church pages. We pride ourselves on our thorough service, and represent your newspaper with honesty and professionalism. Now more than ever, you need an innovative approach that is rooted in time-honored principles.

Our Process

This is not a one-size-fits-all operation. We develop a sales and content strategy tailored specifically to your newspaper and circulation size. Only after reviewing what you have now and formulating a package of print (plus online if you would like) package do we confidently go ahead with sales.

  • Does your paper need more or updated content? More sponsors? We’ve served everyone from small, local papers to large regional ones and take a personalized approach with all of our clients. Revenue correlates directly to readership content.
  • We also identify format requirements – For example, is color used? Multiple pages? We will show you formats that work for other markets like yours.
  • Once an agreement is reached and finalized, we move forward with the sponsor sales process.
  • We have multiple billing options and provide you with signed authorizations for all ads and detailed support for commission billed.
  • After that first invoice is sent, we have a dedicated sales person for your page that replenishes drops and handles any questions you or your advertisers may have.