Online Religion Section (ORS)

In addition to our print services, we also offer an online package to connect your readers to their places of worship.

  • Features a current, complete, and accurate directory of all area churches
  • Church Locator helps neighbors and newcomers find a church
  • Keister-Williams does all the contact work week-to-week, and manages information updates
  • Businesses and churches now participate in a Paid Worship Package that includes print and online elements that appeal to different types of readers
  • Allows for higher rates and feedback to advertisers on click-thrus and site activity
  • Tailored to look just like a webpage on your site
  • You provide a link off your Main Menu as well as a button on your Home page - we do all the setup and create the linked site
  • Does not take subscribers and viewers off of your site - opens a new Tab
  • We track all traffic and analytics - Page Views average 1,000 to 5,000 and up depending on visibility of the Site
  • No fee or cost for the site - we recoup our costs via commission on a few Online Display Ads we sell on the Site

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