Discover the Bible

Discover the Bible™

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Discover the Bible is a product we offer customers consistent with our mission to provide faith-based products that are community and reader responsive. Businesses sponsor the page as part of a weekly Bible giveaway for readers that participate. The contest can last 13 to 17 weeks and result in hundreds of Bibles being given away in the community. We provide the contest verses and sell anywhere between 20 and 30 sponsors that want to "spread the word" about their product or service while awarding a Bible to a reader each week.

How does Discover the Bible work? A scripture verse and "clue" are included in each business ad. Readers choose three verses, match them to the exact reference in the Bible and submit their entries to the newspaper. Winners are chosen for each business and their name appears the next week in the ad in which the reference was found. The winner then takes a copy of the ad with their name on it to the business to claim the Bible.

What is the revenue? An average page of 25 sponsors for a 13 week contest at $30 per week generates $9,750 minus the cost of the Bibles and the Keister-Williams commission.

Are there any residual benefits? Absolutely, readers and merchants alike view the contest very favorably. It is a unique, revenue-generating program that has proven to have a positive impact in the community with the newspaper as the focal point.

As one customer said, "Discover the Bible is the most popular contest we do. The response from our advertisers and readers is overwhelming. We're thinking about doing it every year!"